Sunday, April 17, 2011

Longing for Swan Pye?

Fans of food history should check out the website of Ivan Day. Day is a food historian specializing in British and European cooking. Some of the course titles on his site include Period Sugarworking and Confectionary, Period Ham Making, Georgian Cooking, and A Taste of Christmas Past. 

I came across Day's site a few years ago when I was researching historic cooking classes in England.  The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 did a wonderful show with Day called The Christmas Dinners that Time Forgot.  The BBC Reader app has the program available under the Arts and Culture genre.  This app is available by monthly subscription for mobile devices and is filled with the most entertaining programming. 

About that swan pye, the recipe is available on the home page of Day's website.  Just for fun, of course.  We're not eating swan these days, now are we?!

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