Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chef Omar Allibhoy Checks in with Us!

How wonderful to wake up to an e.mail from Chef Omar Allibhoy today, as the Tapas Revolution continues to roll through England.  It is going to be so much fun following them on this journey.  Very imaginative use of crisps in Manchester!

From Chef Omar:

Well, we have endured some heavy conditions and had to drive our silly bikes through floods in Liverpool.  Finally we reach Manchester, a beautiful vibrant place.  This is home to students in England so we came here to find them and teach them how easy Spanish cooking is even for the lazy!!  So, I invited any students down to a local park where I teach them my special lazy boy tortilla.  Just use crisps (I think you call chips in America) instead of having to chop up potatoes finely or in a mandolin.  Just ordinary crisps but they have to be ready salted!! and hey presto beautiful tortilla in minutes and no fuss.  I will post full recipe in blog later today.

On Saturday we will take over a local fish n chip shop in Grimsby and show them spanish style battered fish. Maybe some lovely calamari fritta with some aioli And patatas bravas.

Check out the blog Eat Like A Girl for a great piece on Omar and the Tapas Revolution.  The writer Niamh has some wonderful images up on her blog.

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