Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Revolution will be Motorized!

I am energized by anyone's enthusiasm for teaching others about food. This summer nobody beats the excitement I feel for Spanish Chef Omar Allibhoy's great Tapas Revolution!

Chef Allibhoy and his friend Dani Sancho, are blazing through England on motorbikes bringing tapas to the people. Allibhoy drew the letter T across a map of England and this is the path they are following. With pans, a burner, tent and sleeping bag strapped to their bikes, they are on a journey to teach people about the beauty of Spanish food through tapas. They'll cook for you if you give them a call or send an e.mail. They use local ingredients and ask people to bring plates, utensils and something to drink. I would love to see an organic farm along this tapas trail invite the guys to cook using ingredients just pulled from the earth.

Seriously, you just have to call! How can anyone not love the pure joy of this adventure?

Allibhoy has quite a cooking pedigree. He was trained by Spanish master Ferran Adria of El Bulli and worked under Jason Atherton at Ramsay's Maze restaurant. Allibhoy is now Head Chef at El Pirata de Tapas in Westbourne Grove.

I wouldn't expect this trip to run smoothly most of the time. Will make for some very entertaining reading on the website. Here's an excerpt:

We arrive in Liverpool. We buy ingredients. We go to Anfield! We make pinchos. A drunk man with black teeth says I look like a Franciss Rossi in Status Quo??? Two “chavs” say I stink. An old lady with union jack bag doesn’t like foreign food. Builders at the stadium stop working and eat with us. It rains. It rains harder. We call a newspaper and offer to cook. We find a campsite and I cook for the campers....

I'm sent an e.mail to Chef Allibhoy, wanting some word from the road on the reception he's receiving and what he's prepared to date. Check out his site for contact information and a map of his travels. If you are lucky enough to set up a cooking class with Chef Allibhoy, let me know and send pics!

Image at the top is of Dani and Omar from left to right.

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